Enabling designers to reduce development time and risk, Lattice Semiconductor has announced three freely-downloadable USB Type-C reference designs. These enable designers to quickly implement the cable detect and power delivery functions required to unlock the capabilities of Type-C including 100W power, 20Gb/s bandwidth, reversibility and flexibility.
Addressing both Cable Detect (CD) and Power Delivery (PD) functions, the reference designs deliver: CD/PD targeting chargers; CD/PD for devices such as laptops, docks, dongles hand-held industrial; and CD/PD-Phy for devices such as smart phones and tablets.
Gordon Hands, director, New Initiatives, Lattice, commented: “Leaders in this market will launch USB Type-C products by the middle of this year. We are providing ready-to-use, low power, miniature, cost-effective solutions that slash time-to-market and mitigate development risk.”
The downloadable reference designs include a schematic, BOM, pin-list, bitstream, and code to allow policy engine customisation. The designs are based on Lattice’s iCE40 ultra-low power, miniature and low cost FPGA families.