The PXIe-700 from Sundance DSP is a powerful, flexible and expandable module fully compatible with PXI-5 and ANSI-Vita-57.1 FMC carrier standards. PXIe is the platform of choice for test, measurement and instrumentation market.

The presence of and FMC site gives the system developer the ability to add different functionalities to this hardware through the many available FMCs from various vendors. Host interface is provided by x8 lane PCIe Gen3 or Gen2. In addition 7 MGTs are connected to the HPC FMC and 1 MGT is connected to SFP that comes on the front panel. The SFP can be used for fibre optics or GibE interface. The module is populated with 2GB of DDR3 memory split over 2 banks with 32-bit interface. Using FMC daughter cards this hardware can be interfaced with different industry standards such as DVI, Camera Link, Ethernet, Infi-band, etc.

The PXIe-700 system with SDSP’s IP cores and tools offers quick implementation of your design with incredible performance. Windows driver, DLL and user interface software is available with sample test applications to help jump start any development. The support from EX-Video toolset turns this hardware into a powerful video test centre for NTSC, VGA, DVI, SMPTE, GigE vision and other video standards.


  • Small size 3U PXIe form factor
  • Kintex-7 FPGA (XC7K410T-1FFG676C
  • 8-lane PCIe Gen3 host interface
  • High pin count FMC with 7 MGTs
  • 1 SFP with either Fibre optics of GibE
  • 2GB of DDR3 memory
  • PXI interface
  • Supports Tandem booting of FPGAs from host
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7 and Linux
  • 128MB of Flash

Applications include: High frequency trading, medical, automation, imaging, machine vision, ASIC and SoC prototyping, instrumentation and testing, military, IP validation and algorithm development.