Designers of consumer electronics under 40W – such as adapters, set top boxes, netbooks, and digital photo frames – all share the common challenge of needing an energy efficient solution that provides <100mW standby power in order to meet worldwide energy saving requirements.

To meet this challenge, Fairchild Semiconductor has developed the FAN6863, a highly integrated PWM controller that offers lower standby power and higher efficiency in a small package size.

The controller is packaged in a small form factor SSOT-6, is ideal for space constrained designs while offering functionality normally found in devices in larger packages. It provides large gate driving capability – 400mA for up to 40W applications, surge capability up to 7KV for higher reliability, as well as an integrated internal frequency hopping function, which helps reduce EMI emissions with minimal line filters.

The controller’s attributes respond to common engineering challenges by providing the technology, integration, efficiency and packaging options that result in increased performance and reliability to improve device design.