Portech Systems’ launches its Urgent Android Migration service, to assist organisations in migrating their Windows embedded mobile 6.5 devices and scanners, as a result of support for this technology ending in January 2020. This comes after a recent enterprise mobility study unveiled a contradictory truth: more than 50 per cent of decision-makers said they will remain on legacy Windows after the end of life phase, or are at least still evaluating their options. This means that organisations will be running software that’s no longer supported or patched, resulting in the potential for data compromise and financial losses. 

Portech Systems’ Urgent Android Migration service comes at the ideal time therefore: it will help said organisations make timely, business-critical decisions for the benefit of business continuity, minimising additional costs that might come with program transition. The service includes an analysis of current device landscape, functionality and requirements for solutions and apps, guidance with selecting an appropriate device, migration and post-migration support.

Director of Portech, Shaz Naeem, a mobile industry veteran with 40 years’ experience, said: “Sadly, we know of businesses that are not being proactive about the end of support for Windows. But once devices start to fail, that’s when the problems arise. Over the last quarter, more and more IT teams have approached us about looking to move away from Windows. While there is no quick fix for migration especially with complex and large installations, there is a compelling case for us to launch a service that helps companies to start the process now, so that productivity losses are minimised during the smooth migration to the Android operating system.”

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