Precision is key within the electronics industry, as modules and systems are required to process information and perform commands at a faster rate. This applies to the detection of low light levels, a concern that Laser Components aims to solve with its A-Cube. Playfully termed as a ‘plug and play solution’, it matches low-noise silicon and indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) with a preamplifier and integrated high voltage supply, to provide everything required for the easiest operation of APDs. Furthermore, the A-Cube incorporates built-in temperature compensation circuitry, allowing the APD to operate with constant gain, even when temperatures fluctuate.  

The A-Cube is available with a variety of active area sizes, extending as far as 3 mm in diameter for the most sensitive applications. By utilising both silicon and InGaAs detectors, efficiency is readily achieved right up to 1600 nm. All that is needed to operate the module is 12 V supply. As part of its design, the module can be supplied with an optional fibre connector, allowing it to excel in applications such as range finding, biomedical analysis, data transfer, spectroscopy and laser characterisation.