Custom turned pin-sockets in high temperature polyimide material are now being produced by E-tec Interconnect (UK) Ltd. By producing the wafers in polyimide material means the operating temperatures far exceed standard FR4 and FR5 specifications.

This makes the devices ideal for applications where good dimensional stability, mechanical strength and rigidity are required at elevated temperatures. The sockets are capable of long-term use at 200 0C and intermittent use at higher temperatures. Applications requiring elevated operating temperatures include oil and gas exploration, deep-hole drilling and test and burn-in fixtures. Because the wafers are drilled and routed in-house, any hole or pin pattern can be ordered. This can be particularly useful where single in-line strips are being used to create non-standard footprints. Parts can be made with pitches of 5.08, 5.00, 3.96, 4.20, 3.96, 2.54, 2.00 and 1.50mm.