A new range of clamshell enclosures have been developed by Schroff, that safeguard printed circuit boards in the extreme environmental conditions associated with defence applications. As well as providing an efficient conduction cooling method for transferring heat generated by high-performance components, the clamshells are designed to protect boards from the effects of shock and vibration.

Based on the VITA 46/48 specifications, these robust clamshells are primarily intended for use in ruggedised VPX systems. They consist of a two-part covering for either 3U or 6U PCBs and can also accommodate ccPMC or XMC mezzanine cards.

The clamshells are supplied with Wedge-Lok or Card-Lok PCB retainers and extractor handles, which provide ample force to easily disengage the high-contact-density board connectors that are typically used in VPX systems.

Manufactured from aluminium alloy for high thermal conductivity and lightweight strength, the clamshells can be specified with various finishes