Panasonic Industry Europe’s long-life surface mount type series of OS-CON Conductive Polymer-Aluminium-Solid Capacitors are available from its extensive portfolio of embedded solutions. Coming with rated voltage options of 2.5VDC, 6.3VDC and 16VDC, SVPT products benefit from huge capacitance values (100µF up to 560µF) and low ESR characteristics (15-24mO max.).

The components are able to withstand +105 degrees Celsius for up to 20.000 hour,  making them ideal for use in demanding applications such as power circuits in servers, base stations, as well as Smart Metres or other power management systems.

OS-CON range capacitors’ SVPT series feature a noise reduction capability and frequency characteristics, a long life span, and their ESR values have little change, even at low temperatures since the electrolyte is solid. The components are RoHS compliant and halogen free.

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