Panasonic Factory Solutions, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe, and Siemens Factory Automation Services, have organised an exciting collaboration. This passes on into applications, significantly: initial systems such as the NPM VF odd-shape mounter, for the assembly of THT (Through Hole Technology) components from Panasonic Industry, have already been integrated at the Siemens site in Vienna, Austria. There’s room for expansion, interconnecting Panasonic Industry’s hardware and software solutions to Siemens’ systems, Teamcenter and MindSphere.

Nils Heininger, division director of Panasonic Factory Solutions, is pleased with the new cooperation: “We are very proud to announce the partnership with Siemens Factory Automation Services. Our high-quality and reliable production solutions, such as laser markers, insertion machines for THT components and complex software solutions such as PanaCIM, were able to convince the supply chain management of the Siemens AG: we are looking forward to working together.”

Dr. Gunter Beitinger, VP of manufacture, DI FA MF, sees great potential for the solutions offered by Panasonic Factory Solutions: “The close cooperation allowed us to get to know Panasonic’s entire product range. In addition to the placement machines, Panasonic’s odd-shape mounters are also a promising approach for further automation projects at Siemens AG’s electronics plants.”

For more information on the companies, click on the relevant link: Panasonic Industry Europe, Siemens.