Panasonic Factory Solutions, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe, and Ankatek, one of the largest technical distributors of high-tech capital goods for electronics manufacturing in Turkey, announce their future cooperation. Ankatek will distribute the portfolio of Panasonic Factory Solutions, especially its automation products such as placement machines, printers and software for industry sectors like telecommunications, automotive, IT and consumer electronics.

With a lot of experience in technical sales, Ankatek is a valuable partner who will look to bring Panasonic Industry’s smart factory solutions directly to customers in Turkey.

“For Panasonic Factory Solution, the partnership with Ankatek is a logical step to bring our proven hardware and software solutions closer to customers in Turkey. We are very much looking forward to an intensive cooperation,” says Nils Heininger, division director of factory solutions.

Selim Ergül, managing director of Ankatek, is looking forward to the cooperation: “We are pleased to have found an experienced partner and global player for SMD Factory Solutions. Panasonic is also an expert beyond the SMD line, especially when it comes to the important topic of Smart Factory and machine communication”.

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