Omron has created a MOSFET relay module that minimises leakage current. With a unique T-circuit structure, the Omron G3VM-21MT offers an exceptionally low leakage current of just 1pA (pico-Amp) or less, giving accurate measurements in all types of test equipment. Mechanical relays have previously been preferred in the semiconductor and other test equipment, in part due to their low leakage current. However, mechanical relays have a much lower lifespan due to the abrasion of contacts that reduces measurement accuracy over time. In intensive use, frequent replacement may be necessary, pushing up the maintenance costs.

With a ‘T-Type Circuit structure’ that sends most leakage current to ground, the G3VM-21MT combines the advantages of the mechanical and MOSFET relays to provide an accurate, compact and long-lasting switching solution with no mechanical contacts. The compact size of 5mm x 3.75 mm x 2.7mm is achieved by the incorporation of the T-circuit into the module. The device is surface mounted, and is offered in SPST with no configuration required. It features an impressive maximum load voltage of 20V and its isolation performance is less than -30dB, at 1GHz. 

Omron is planning further T-circuit MOSFET relay modules, including a high current and high voltage model.

For more information, visit Omron’s website