Omron Electronic Components Europe today announced that it has expanded its UK distribution network with the appointment of Easby Electronics. Easby will focus especially on Omron’s innovative sensor solutions in support of its strategy to develop a portfolio of IoT building blocks.


Easby will stock and support the full range of Omron sensor technologies and electromechanical components, but will focus particularly on working with its IoT customers to identify opportunities for Omron MEMS based sensor solutions for building automation, industrial automation and other environmental monitoring applications. These complement the TELIT high-performance IoT modules and Raystar displays both available from Easby. Omron offers technologies to monitor the environment itself, measuring temperature, humidity and other characteristics, as well as care for the people within that environment, ensuring that services such as heating and lighting are turned on when they are present, that the air quality is high and that spaces are not becoming overcrowded. Omron’s flagship Human Vision Component allows individuals to be recognised, providing a touchless access control solution. The new relationship also brings Easby a top class range of MOSFET relays, a technology that it currently does not have in its portfolio.


Commenting, Hafeez Najumudeen, European Distribution Manager at Omron said: “Omron has a growing range of exceptionally innovative sensor solutions which have wide applications in industrial and building automation. Easby has considerable strength in these fields, and we have worked closely with their technical team to develop their understanding of our solutions. We look forward to partnering with them and their customers to design our solutions into IoT systems.”


Phil Clarke, Director of Product Marketing at Easby, responded: “Omron is a blue chip name in the electronics industry, known around the world for the quality and integrity of its products. We have watched with great interest the expansion of its portfolio of sensor technologies, many of which are unique to Omron and are based on capabilities such as MEMS manufacturing which are far from widespread. We are excited to be offered the opportunity to offer these technologies to our customers.”


A key technology for Easby will be Omron’s Human Vision Component HVC-P2, offering ten integrated image sensing functions for use in digital signage, home and office automation and security applications. Also of interest to Easby customers is the Omron D6T MEMS Thermal Sensor, offering contactless temperature measurement to monitor industrial processes, highlight the development of hot spots and detect occupancy of a space. A further highly innovative solution is Omron’s 2JCE multi-function Environmental Sensor that allows designers to monitor seven parameters from a single compact unit. Easby will also be supporting Omron’s pressure, flow, vibration and tilt sensors, as well as electromechanical relays, micro switches, MOSFET relays, DIP switches, photo-microsensors and connectors.


About Easby Electronics

Easby Electronics celebrates its 40th year in business in 2020, an exceptional milestone. Easby is a specialist stockist and distributor of IoT solutions as well as passive electronic components, electromechanical, connectors and discrete semiconductors. Established in 1980 then acquired by the Rebound Group in 2012, Easby Electronics has a strong focus on quality and service plus an experienced team that has enabled Easby to expand and grow the range of products available to its ever growing customer base.

About Omron

Omron Electronic Components Europe is a leader in electromechanical PCB relays, as well as a leading supplier of components such as micro switches, MOSFET relays, DIP switches, photomicrosensors and connectors. Omron has a strong portfolio of innovative technologies including MEMS based pressure, flow and thermal measurement sensors, human face and gesture recognition modules, vibration and tilt sensors.

Omron Electronic Components Europe strongly supports its customers in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS through 8 regional offices, a network of local offices and partnerships with specialist, local, regional and global distributors. 

Omron Electronic Components Europe is a subsidiary of the Omron Corporation, recognised worldwide as a leader of high quality, high technology electrical and electronic control equipment and component products. 


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