OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics design & manufacture, has announced its new TO220 High Power LED.  The new device has mounting pads that fit a standard TO220 footprint, making it easy for designers to incorporate into prototype designs.  Originally designed and manufactured for a customer’s industrial microscope application, the new OMC TO220 high power LED has now been released as a standard OMC product.  High power LEDs are extremely useful for applications where large amounts of light need to be generated from a small emitting area. Example applications include solid state lighting, signalling and alarm beacons and automotive illumination, among others.

OMC’s High Power LEDs generate much more light than a standard LED due to their large area LED dies mounted on a high thermal conductivity leadframe.  OMC pioneered High Power LED technology with the launch of its original TO220 package of 1W and 3W high power LEDs some fifteen years ago and as a result, the company’s engineers have amassed a great deal of experience in applying its technology to real-world applications.  Their expertise is offered to customers who require assistance with component selection or applications.

The new OMC TO220 High Power LED, which has been completely re-designed, is a 1W device and offers high luminous flux at its nominal current of 350mA.   It is available in daylight white, warm white, red, green, blue and yellow.  As OMC’s device has been designed to work with TO220 accessories, such as mounting kits with heat sinks and thermal pads, it is simple to design into a new prototype design or transfer into an existing product.

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