Olympus has announced the DSX1000 digital microscope, facilitating material analyses and precision measurements for uses in electronic, metal and automotive industries. It benefits from a wide magnification range – 20-7000x – available for the 15 objective lenses installed, enabling an easy transition between the various ranges. 

Its versatility is on full display with its ability to rotate at 90 degrees, reducing the limitations to angled vision: this flexible, accurate attribute enables the inspection of thinner samples such as wafers, as well as larger parts, such as automotive components. Inspections can be performed through six separate observation modes: brightfield, dark field, MIX, polarising, oblique and differential interference contrast. Therefore, your circumstances will more than likely be covered by the DSX1000. 

As part of the launch, Olympus are exhibiting the DSX1000 at euspen in Bilbao, Spain from 3 to 6 of June, and at Subcon (the Advanced Manufacturing section) from 4 to 6 of June. 

Until then, if you wish to read more information on Olympus’ new technology, click here.