OKW has extended its range of Style-Case handheld enclosures with a new version L, without a battery compartment – providing even more space inside for the electronics. The new version is ideal for wired connected electronics.

The ergonomic Style-Case is perfect for remote controls, notably in medical and social care electronics, but also in a wide range of office, industrial and household controller applications. 

Style-Case has a modern high-gloss finish, imparts a high-quality user experience and is also easy to keep clean. The operating area in the top is recessed to accommodate a membrane keypad or product label. 

Robust Style-Case offers ingress protection up to IP65. It is assembled using tamperproof Torx stainless steel screws – an important feature for medical and wellness applications. Inside, there are screw pillars for mounting PCBs and components.

Style-Case is available as standard in three sizes – S (123 x 48 x 24mm), M (147 x 56 x 27mm) and L (166 x 64 x 3 mm) – and two plastics: high gloss traffic white (RAL 9016) ASA or black (RAL 9005) PMMA for infrared applications. Both plastics are rated UL 94 HB for flammability. The new version of size L is available only in traffic white ASA. 

Accessories include wall holders, IP65 sealing kits, a strain relief clamp and a flexible cable grommet (Ø 5.3mm).

OKW offers customised versions of Style-Case. Services include CNC machining, custom colours, lacquering, decor foils, special materials such as flame retardant (V-0) plastic, EMC shielding, printing/laser marking, installation and assembly. 

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