OKW, electronic enclosures specialist, has added new laser marking technology in the hopes of building on a strong foundation of customisation services.

Some details include the waterproofing and durability of legends and logos laser marked into the enclosure. For small, machine-readable markings like barcodes and QR codes, this works well and proves to be a quick, easy and cost-effective solution.

Suitable materials for laser marking include ABS, ASA+PC and ASA+PC-FR, polycarbonate, polyamide (and PA GF) and aluminium. Depending on the materials involved, the following enclosure colours are good for high-contrast laser marking: off-white, pebble grey, light grey, lava and black.

OKW offers photo-quality of up to 1,800×1,800 DPI, with a height difference of up to 2.5mm. The cost to this service up is less than traditional methods, augmenting that cost-effective quality against other, conservative methods. It’s ideal for lower volume production runs.

Continuing this trend of customisation, OKW also includes CNC machining, lacquering, decor foils, special materials, EMC shielding, installation and assembly, fully bespoke enclosures, membrane keypads and touchscreens.

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