OKW’s Connect wired enclosures are now available, suited to applications ranging from remote controls for hospital beds to patient monitoring and emergency call buttons. 

For each ergonomic case, one will find two shells, resulting in a refreshing choice for which side to make the top: one shell, convex, is designed for comfortable, handheld use, the other is flattened with a recessed panel to accommodate a membrane keypad. These attributes benefit the overall enclosure for its respected application: comfort in a place that demands comfort for the patients. 

Open apertures at either end enable the installation of cable glands, but there are end panels available that will accept USB connectors and/or LEDs. As a whole, the enclosure can come in three available lengths: either 76mm, 116mm or 256mm x 54 x 22mm.

Typically, OKW offers a slew of accessories and custom services, including soft-touch cable gland kits and EMC shielding, installation and assembly. 

For more information on OKW’s new range of enclosures and the services they offer, click here.