Following extensive discussions with some existing customers, ODU have created a hybrid rectangular connector. The resultant Push-Lock creates an even more compact ODU-MAC modular connector, with a design that makes these innovative hybrid connectors stand out from the crowd.

ODU’s goal was to offer a connector that was ergonomic, easy to use, and highly flexible, in a style that was as small as possible. The size was important, so as to meet the growing trend of miniaturisation. The result is a handy hybrid IP67 connector, capable of over 5,000 mating cycles, which can be equipped with various module inserts, and yet, has a relatively large M25 cable outlet.

Push-pull locking is incredibly simple and reliable. This locking style saves a huge amount of space, so several connectors can be mounted very close to each other – an advantage that is inextricably linked to its locking principal. This, combined with low mating and de-mating forces, means the connector can be used intuitively with just one hand.

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