nVent Electric, specialist in electrical connection and protection solutions, today announced the launch of nVent’s Raychem Elexant 4010i, the first smart, connected controller from the Elexant family. Designed to provide a safe, reliable and flexible control solution for industrial applications, the Elexant 4010i makes the control and maintenance of heat tracing technology smarter, safer and more cost-effective. 

In hazardous environments, the Elexant 4010i replaces previous single-circuit 910 controllers; providing insights into system status and consequently eliminating manual maintenance checks associated with all types of heat tracing apparatus. The Elexant 4010i’s provides a versatile, reliable controller solution that complies with legislations that businesses uphold: the new controller protects people, buildings and equipment with smart limiter and intrinsically safe (IS) barrier options and self-testing features.   

The Elexant 4010i integrates adjacent to a process control network, procuring direct, comprehensive reports from the field, or electrical room, delivered straight to the maintenance engineer’s desk. This flexible connectivity, combined with speedy design and installation, reduces field commissioning time. Integrated features, such as built-in ground fault and energy consumption monitoring, further reduce the cost of ownership and improve operational efficiency. 

Ready for Industry 4.0, the Elexant 4010i brings the power of the Internet of Things to industrial processes. The new heat-trace controllers come equipped with multiple communication options (Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet) for easy integration with any existing process control systems. The intuitive touch screen User Interface (UI) makes it quick and easy to monitor multiple data points, both locally and centrally.

Brad Faulconer, president of nVent’s Thermal Management, adds: “The Elexant 4010i is the first product to be released from this innovative new line. Soon the reliability, efficiency and connectivity of the Elexant family will be available for the commercial and residential sectors as well. We look forward to furthering nVent’s ongoing commitment to developing technology that addresses the safety, energy efficiency and reliability requirements of our customers today and tomorrow.” 

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