NI has recently unveiled a WiFi 6, front-end test reference architecture for comprehensive, accurate and fast testing of the latest WiFi 6 power amplifiers (PAs) and front-end modules (FEMs), operating in new frequency bands above 6GHz. 


This solution provides engineers performing PA/FEM characterisation, and validation, a combination of linearity, low noise and high dynamic range for a strong WiFi 6 1024-QAM performance. The reference architecture also simplifies dynamic EVM measurements while accelerating test speeds with FPGA-based power levelling.


“The VST’s extensive frequency coverage and large instantaneous bandwidth is key for engineers who need to deliver comprehensive and reliable data across WiFi frequency bands in a short time,” said Stefanie Breyer, vice president of product planning at NI: “Choosing a tester built on NI’s software-defined platform helps engineers keep up with the latest developments of wireless standards.”

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