Nexperia has revealed its ESD protection component – thePESD2V8R1BSF – which meets the USB4TM standard and matches the high demands for RF performance. Of special interest to engineers designing USB4TM and Thunderbolt interfaces, the new device uses Nexperia’s TrEOS ESD protection technology with active silicon-controlled rectification. It delivers a winning combination of low capacitance (down to 0.1pF),  low clamping (dynamic resistance down to 0.1O) and high robustness against surge and ESD pulses (up to 20A 8/20µs for very fast datalines). All of this arrives in an ultra-low inductance SOD962 package.

Stefan Seider, product manager at Nexperia, comments: “To avoid signal integrity issues, the PESD2V8R1BSF ESD protection diode offers extremely low insertion loss figures of -0.21dB at 10GHz, and correspondingly low return loss figures of -17.4dB at 10GHz. The new ESD protection device is suitable for the higher voltage requirements of USB 3.2. This means it can be placed right behind the USB Type-C connector to protect the coupling capacitance, while still being backwards compatible to USB3.2.”

For more information, including product specifications and a data sheet, click here