Building on its portfolio of products, New Yorker Electronics has released two new series’ of CIT Relay & Switch’s customisable anti-vandal switches, its customisation options including various actuator choices and size, ranging from 10mm to up to 40mm.

With body and actuator finish options including stainless steel, nickel and anodised aluminium in black, red, yellow, green or blue, and bi-color illumination available, these splash-proof and vandal resistant switches offer the chance to combine and compliment existing systems. New Yorker Electronics is distributing both variations, the CH Series and the BH Series. 

CH Series

Manufactured in both SPDT and DPDT, the 16mm CH Series Panel Mount Pushbutton Switch is designed with either a momentary or a latching option. With sealing options of IP40 and IP65, end users are protected with splash and vandal resistance.

This series is customisable with a wide range of options. Actuator selections include flush or raised non-illuminated, flush ring or dot illumination, raised ring or dot illumination and flush or raised international standby symbol illumination. The illuminated switch is available in stainless steel, nickel plating or anodised aluminum in black, green, red, blue or yellow switch finish. Bi-color LED switch options are available in red, yellow, green, blue, white and orange. Wall plates and aluminum switch housings are available for the 16mm version of this anti-vandal switch.

BH Series

Available in both 16mm & 19mm, this IP65 vandal and splash resistant momentary button switch offers actuator styles of flush, round, raised, flush ring or dot illuminated, raised ring illuminated, flush international standby symbol illuminated, round ring or dot illuminated or raised dot illuminated.

Body finish options of this anti-vandal switch include nickel plated brass, gold plated brass, brushed stainless steel or anodised aluminum in black, green, red, blue or yellow. The BH Series vandal proof switch also offers a choice of solder lug, quick connect or screw terminal termination.

This pushbutton switch features bi-color LED options in red, yellow, green, blue, white and orange and many combinations of the same. Wall plates are available in brushed aluminium and yellow anodised brushed aluminium in three different sizes along with aluminum anti-vandal switch housing in up to five positions, with and without mounting flanges.

For more information, click on the relevant link: CH Series, BH Series.