Introducing SIRIUS UNI from Dewesoft, a powerful new UNI (Universal) signal conditioner for SIRIUS DAQ systems. UNI conditioners are capable of handling all popular sensors on the market today, including strain gages, IEPE accelerometers and microphones, voltages, currents, LVDTs and more. The module is based on SIRIUS DualCoreADC® technology, which provides a staggering >160 dB dynamic range. The amplifier also directly measures voltage from ±10 mV to ±100 V. Improved excitation current accuracy provides a constant current supply for quarter bridge strain gage applications.

SIRIUS UNI supports TEDS Class 1 and 2, which means that TEDS compatible sensors are automatically identified when they are connected, and easily set up in the software. The included DewesoftX software has a user-editable sensor database that makes setting up your tests faster, easier and more error-free than ever before.

SIRIUS UNI Main Features:

  • Directly accepts Full/Half/Quarter bridge strain gages (120 Ω and 350 Ω), IEPE accelerometers and microphones, voltages from ±10 mV to ±100 V, resistance measurements, RTD temperature sensors, and potentiometers.
  • Accepts charge accelerometers, thermocouples, LVDT and current inputs via DSI adapters
  • A variety of shunts are also available for additional current measurements
  • High dynamic capabilities (>160 dB)
  • High acquisition rate (200 kS/s) and 70 kHz bandwidth
  • TEDS support (Class 1 and Class 2)

DewesoftX Software Included
All Dewesoft DAQ systems include award-winning DewesoftX software. DewesoftX combines data recording features from several data interfaces as well as packs very strong signal processing features for vibration analysis, structural dynamics, vehicle testing, NVH, power analysis, acoustics, aerospace, monitoring and more. DewesoftX offers advanced data recording, data analysis, data visualisation, reporting features, and more.

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