Nicomatic, the leading manufacturer of high performance interconnect systems, has added new Switch’Air™ Domes with Hole to its successful Switch’Air 4-legged Domes range. Switch’Air™ Domes feature patented technology with a cushion of air that prevents domes sticking to each other during automated pick & place manufacturing, resulting in faster, easier, more accurate assembly.   With a life expectancy of up to five million actuations and guaranteed for one million actuation cycles, Switch’Air domes provide reliable, extended-life performance for demanding applications in the medical and industrial markets among others.

New Switch’Air Domes with Hole are specifically designed for membrane switches, sitting free in the spacer layer of the membrane.  They have a superior tactile feel with a large sweet spot.  The hole in the dome enables an LED to be placed underneath and therefore under the top plastic membrane, not only saving space but also providing a more intuitive user experience, as the button itself lights up when activated.  As membrane switches are sealed, they are ideal for medical applications and others where wiping down is necessary, either for hygiene reasons or due to use in dirty or dusty environments. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, they are contamination-free.  Nicomatic also supply LEDs suitable for use in combination with these domes, available in a range of colours as well as bi-colour.

Switch’Air Domes with Hole are available in 280g, 340g and 400g trip force variants with 65g rebound force. Physical specifications are: diameter 10mm; footprint diameter 9.5mm; height 0.65mm; total travel 0.55mm.  Operating temperature is -40degC to +105degC.

Electrical specifications for Switch’Air domes include switching current of 5µA to 100mA DC, switching voltage of 0.1VDC to 100VDC, switching capacity 1W. Contact resistance is < 100 mΩ.

Qualified to ASTM F2592-16, RoHs compliant Switch’Air Domes with Hole are available in tube, on reel, in bulk or on array, with the shortest lead times in the industry. Customisation options are possible on request.