A range of multi-pin waterproof connectors has been developed by Intelliconnect (Europe). The devices are available with 4 to 14 connecting pins. The 4-way connectors work along-side commonly used TNC waterproof coaxial RF connector.

The connectors are capable of handling 3amps of signal current and are rated to IP68 in its unmated condition.

In order for the connector to be fitted alongside waterproof TNC connectors, used for RF antennas and to provide a uniform panel design, the four contact pins required are installed into the same style connector shell. The insert design is keyed to ensure positive mating and to eliminate the possibility of damage by miss-mating.

The connector is designed to handle power as well as low-voltage signals enabling switching and actuation of electro-mechanical devices.

The maximum space between the contacts in a TNC body allows for an operating voltage of 300v RMS with a dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV) of 1000v RMS.

The Insulation resistance of the connector is 5000MO to ensure reliable operation in high-altitude or high-humidity applications and the durability rating is specified at 500 insertion cycles minimum.

An operating range of -650C to 1650C is standard. All metal components are standard nickel plated over a brass body to meet TNC specification Mil-prf 39012.

Intelliconnect (Europe)