MMS Electronics Ltd now offers four models of the EA OLED displays. The EA OLEDM204 is an alphanumeric display that functions as a 4×20, 3×20 or 2×20 display. Three graphic displays: The small graphic EA OLEDS102-6 (102×64 pixel), a medium size EA OLEDM128-6 (128×64 pixel) and the larger EA OLEDL128-6 (128×64 pixel).

With OLED displays the pixels emit visible light so there is no need for a backlight. Without the need for a backlight the OLED displays are only 3.3mm thick including the UV protective glass. The displays plug into a 0.1” pitch socket or solder directly into the PCB. No ZIF sockets, fasteners or glue is required saving further assembly cost. OLED displays offer excellent readability, high contrast, wide viewing angle and fast response time over the whole temperature range of -40°C to +80°C. This wide temperature range allows the display to be used in new applications. The display interface is SPI and I²C.

The OLED displays have a scratch and UV protective glass with a polarizer for a deep black background. Displays without the protective glass are available and have higher brightness. An application for the display without the protective glass could be for use behind for smoked glass. The standard colours are Yellow and White. Other colours are available but a small MOQ applies.   

The graphic EA OLEDS102-6 102×64 pixel is the smallest in this series with a module size of 39×37 mm and view area of 36x25mm. A graphic display this size can show 8 lines of 17 char or 4 lines of 12 larger characters. The graphic EA OLEDL128-6 128×64 pixel is the largest in this series with module size is 68×48 mm with view area 64×37 mm. Interface is SPI and I2C with integrated SSD1309 controller. Next is the EA OLEDM128-6 128×64 pixel with a module size of 55×43 mm with view area 51x31mm. Interface is SPI and I2C with integrated SSD1306 controller.

For quick evaluation without the need to write any code demo board EA 9781-1USB is available. The evaluation board powers all the EA OLED display modules including the round EA W128128-X. Simply download the free PC software StartOLED.exe and connect a USB cable to the evaluation board. Immediately your graphics and text are shown on the display. The EA 9781-1USB board comes with an arrangement of connectors to the OLED display modules. No other hardware components – such as adapters, driver boards, power supplies are required.

In addition, MMS Electronics Ltd has two new intelligent graphic OLED modules complete with PCAP touch, USB, SPI and I²C interface.

Two screen sizes: 2.9” EA PLUGL128-6 (128×64) and 1.7” EA PLUGS102-6 (102×64). These display are very easy to use with powerful graphic commands and integrated character sets. Fonts can be scaled, rotated and accurately positioned. Fonts, images, animations and macros programs are saved on-board the display. The display module can be used in landscape or portrait mode. A gentle touch on the PCAP touch-screen is all it takes to change the display screen or trigger actions. Actions can also be triggered from the touch-screen or the sensor inputs. 8 digital I/O, 1 PWM output, 1 analogue output and 2 analogue inputs are available to be used for the application. A small loudspeaker is also integrated for acoustic feedback. Communication with the EA PLUG display can take place via USB, SPI, I2C or RS-232 interfaces. These are bidirectional and the serial interfaces are designed for 3.3V levels.  The display does not require a bezel and can simply be glued in position. 

The PLUGS102-6GTCZ and EA PLUGL128-6GTCZ (Z version) are fitted with a twelve pin screw connector for easy wiring to external sensors, detectors or switches and a 26-pin IDC connector providing access to all I/O and serial interfaces. Using intelligent displays saves many engineering, program and testing hours.

Contact MMS Electronics to discuss your application. MMS Electronics is based in Leeds and is the authorised UK distributor for the 2,000 plus LCD display products of Electronic Assembly GmbH (Display Visions) and MMS also represents many other world class display and sensor manufacturers.

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