A new 2000 inclined gyro, focused on the growing in-dash vehicle navigation market, has been added to Silicon Sensing’s PinPoint precision navigation and pointing MEMS gyroscope range.

The new CRM120 gyro allows optimised gyro sensitivity for inclined in-dash navigation.

The integration of in-car navigation into the car dashboard display is predicted to grow as vehicle manufacturers challenge the valuable aftermarket in personal navigation devices, offering a range of low-cost in-built systems.

The advantage of in-dash navigation is in the ability to draw information from a yaw rate gyro and wheel speed sensor to provide accurate and responsive dead-reckoning navigation to the driver without the usual dependence on GPS.

PinPoint gyros combine lower cost, weight and size, with good bias and scale factor performance compared to older navigation gyros.

At under 6x5x1.2mm, weighing less than 0.1g, the gyros provide good rate output stability over time, temperature, vibration and shock for a MEMS gyro in their class. This performance is the result of a vibrating ring sensor design – a balanced ring of silicon that resonates at 22kHz in a closed-loop control system.