ROLEC is offering new customisation options for its aluDISPLAY range of aluminium controller enclosures. Customisation now includes CNC milling and drilling of cutouts; EMC shielding, bespoke colours plus printing and engraving of legends and logos.

ROLEC can also assemble cable glands, hinges and brackets on the outside along with rails, terminal bars and terminal blocks on the inside.

Smart and modern aluDISPLAY (IP 54) is designed for flat screen displays and electronic control units. Enclosures can be mounted on walls or consoles, attached to suspension arms or held in the hand.

Every aluDISPLAY enclosure is supplied preassembled with diecast aluminium end panels held in place by screws hidden beneath blanking plugs.

The front panel is screwed into place from above and finished with clip-in profile trims on the narrow sides. These enhance the aesthetics, help to seal the enclosures and also create a recess for a membrane keypad.

Snap-in profiles hide the fixings on the long sides of the enclosures. They can be easily reopened at any time for servicing and maintenance with the use of a simple auxiliary tool.

ROLEC aluDISPLAY is available in three standard sizes – 333 x 224 x 61mm; 394 x 284 x 61mm and 455 x 344 x 61mm – but extrusions can be easily supplied in custom specified lengths.

The main body section is silver anodised and the end panels are (RAL 9005) black as standard but custom colours and finishes are available on request.

Three versions of the enclosures are available: Handheld/Mobile Type; Type W with hinged wall brackets; Type T with an adaptor designed for ROLEC’s taraPLUS suspension arms.

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