Two new low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) polymer capacitors from Panasonic are now available at RS. The company advises its POSCAP and OS-CON devices  are ideal for digital and telecommunications applications, and support energy reduction in industrial equipment and automotive systems.

The company points out that its POSCAP is a solid chip capacitor with a sintered tantalum anode and a highly conductive polymer cathode. Adding that its low impedance and low ESR (down to 5 mO) enable good performance at high frequency while maintaining a low profile and a high capacitance range. The device is claimed to offer very good noise-absorption characteristics, and provides high heat resistance, across a temperature range of between -55°C and 125°C.

The second device, the OS-CON is described as a solid aluminium capacitor containing highly conductive polymer electrolyte material. It can offer low ESR, good noise reduction capability and frequency characteristics. In addition, this device is claimed to have a long life span of up to 30 years, and can operate efficiently at even the lowest temperatures due to the solid electrolyte. The company adds that these two devices are suitable as a smoothing, backup and bypass capacitor in a wide range of applications.

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