IEC 62368-1 is the new hazard-based standard that will replace both IEC 60065 (Safety of AV Equipment) and IEC 60950-1 (Safety of Information & Communication Technology Equipment). The standard is expected to be advantageous to manufacturers designing modern electronic equipment and components due to its hazard-based principles, more performance-based requirements (vs. prescriptive) and its ability to better consider innovative designs and constructions.

Power Conversion Technology Ltd has introduced two new models that meet this standard, both the 80 Watt and 130 Watt models are compact using the 2” x 4” footprint and able to be used in 1U applications due to their low profile.

MPE-S130 Series 130 Watt Power Supply


MPE-S080 Series 80 Watt Power Supply


Both the models are IEC / UL / CB 62368-1 approved and feature optional +5Vsb & Remote ON/OFF function, no-load power consumption < 0.5W and are operable at 80°. They meet EMI EN 55032 CISPR 32 & FCC Part 15 and can be used in Class II applications or class I with optional functional ground connected.

Other models approved to the new standard include the highly popular MPI-822H 220W Fanless ATX power supply. Utilising a U channel configuration for excellent thermal conduction, the MPI-822H is designed to be used in 1U applications due to it low profile.

MPI-822H 220 Watt 1U Fanless ATX Power Supply



Other models from Power Conversion Technology’s extensive range are also being put through approval to this latest standard including the MPD-F113 Series of 110W open frame DC-DC converters.


MPD-F113 Series 110W DC-DC Converter


Power Conversion Technology Ltd is the key UK distribution partner for the highly acclaimed Taiwanese manufacturer, Magic Power Technology who have for many years specialised in fanless power technology using high efficiency topologies for excellent reliability for both ITE and medical applications.

Magic Power have also built a solid reputation worldwide for designing producing customer specific model from modified standards to full custom design.

In addition to the extensive range of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, Power Conversion Technology has many years’ experience in high voltage power with particular emphasis on laser and x-ray applications with manufacturing capabilities in the UK and distribution partners in the USA and EU.

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