Astute Electronics, a supplier of electronic components and value added services, has announced it is stocking Airborn’s new RZ Series of high-density LGA solderless open-field connectors.  The RZ Series features a patented Z-axis contact system and is designed to be compressed under pressure between parallel PCBs or between the PCB and other electronic components.  These vertical surface-mount PCB compression connectors are ultra-reliable, thanks to their one-piece contact system. 

The RZ Series has beryllium copper contacts with gold over nickel finish at 1.27mm (0.050in) spacing, and is available in contact sizes 20 – 175 (2 – 7 rows and 10 – 25 columns).  Available heights are 2.54mm to 8.89mm (0.100in to 0.350in).  Electrical characteristics include current rating of 0.5A and typical contact resistance of 25 milliohms, depending on contact height.  Insulation resistance is 5000 mega ohms minimum at 100VDC.