An 8A step-down µModule regulator has been introduced by Linear Technology. The device is certified by TUV Rheinland, an accredited laboratory to meet EN55022 Class B EMI (electromagnetic interference) emissions limits at up to 96W of output.

Designed to accept an input voltage from 5V to 36V, the LTM4613 delivers a regulated output voltage from 3.3V to 15V with 2.0% maximum DC error over line, load and temperature.

The converter achieves peak operating efficiencies above 95% in a 24V to 12V output.

The regulator is said to deliver the highest output power in the EN55022 Class B certified family of µModule regulators.

This performance is made possible by an integrated pi-filter, meticulous layout, shielded inductor and carefully controlled power transistor drive.

The device eliminates the need for external filters, magnetic shields and ferrite beads for a trouble-free design process.

Also encapsulated within the surfacemount plastic package are the step-down controller, power transistors, inductor, compensation, input filter and a modest amount of input and output capacitance levels.

A clock input pin is available to synchronise one or more of the LTM4613 regulators.