MMS Electronics has available a 240×64 pixel high contrast, easy to read super-twist graphic display. The EA DOGM240-6 module is 94×40 mm with a view area of 90×24 mm (WxH). This display is an ideal fit in a 19” racks with 1RU or more. Single +3.3V without the need for a negative voltage. Including on-board UC1611s controller with SPI and I²C Interface.

Available in STN and FSTN pos/neg technologies with 3 different LED backlight colours. White, amber and dual red/green colour are available. The COG design offers a very thin display of only 2.8mm thick or 5.8 mm including the backlight. A simulator tool, font editor and USB test board are available to help with development. The simulator tool immediately drops any picture or text onto the display that is plugged into the EA 9780-3USB board.

Other displays sizes are available starting from 1.5” to 3.9” and 1×8, 2×8, 3×16 and 4×20 (line x char).

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