With the Geneva Motor Show having just passed by, one highlight from the show includes Harting AG Biel’s recent developments in three-dimensional moulded interconnect devices (3D-MID) within the automotive industry. 

As drivers continue to rely on cruise control to monitor car speed and positioning, Harting has announced a new position sensor – automatically regulating the safe distance to the vehicle in front via a sensor in the front area of the vehicle – and a robot hand – used for research algorithms in simulating human gripping reactions – to meet the industry’s demands.

3D-MID technology is essential for answering this latter call. As in-car applications such as driver assistance become the norm, Susanne Giehl, managing director of Harting AG Biel, recognises the importance of keeping up-to-date: 

“As more and more electronics systems find their way into cars, so Harting’s 3D-MID technology is becoming a key driver in helping customers integrate complex electronics with minimal space requirements into today’s automative environment. With many years of experience under its belt, Harting AG Biel understands the demands of the automotive industry and we have successfully completed numerous projects in close co-operation with customers, many of which have gone on to series production by Harting AG.”

For more information on the company and its recent applications, visit: www.harting.com/UK/en-gb