Mini Multilane Internal Cable Assemblies for SAS HD connections from FCI are available. The devices feature a Twin Axial Cable from 3M.

The SFF 8643 assemblies support the SAS 2.1 standard at 6Gbps data rate, and are compliant with the SAS 3.0 specification, which increases the data rate up to 12Gbps.

The cable assemblies are ideal for system applications requiring high-density routing in tight spaces, or where restricted airflow is a concern.

The internal miniSAS HD cables are available in both 4x (4 channel) and 8x (8 channel) versions, and include standard sideband signalling.

The company also offers mating internal miniSAS HD board connectors (also SFF-8643 complaint) as well as a complete line of miniSAS HD external board connector systems and external cable assemblies, which are fully SFF-8644 compliant.

The Twin Axial Cable Series from 3M is suitable for paddle card terminated cable assemblies and are an ideal solution for space-constrained applications.