Mouser Electronics specialises in the introduction of new products and technologies, making it a priority to stock the newest products and technologies from its manufacturing partners, giving customers an edge and helping speed time to market. 

Last month, Mouser launched more than 325 new products and technologies ready for same-day shipment.

Some of the products introduced by Mouser last month include: 

  • Nordic Semiconductor Thingy:91 Multisensor Prototyping Kit 

The battery-operated Nordic Thingy:91 is built around the Nordic nRF9160 system in package (SiP), which supports LTE-M, NB-IoT, and GPS, and an nRF52840 board controller that supports BluetoothLow Energy and NFC capabilities.

  • Texas Instruments DLP230NP DLP 1080p Digital Micromirror Device 

TI’s DLP230NP DLP 0.23 digital micromirror device is a digitally controlled micro-opto-electromechanical system spatial light modulator that can display a crisp, high-quality 1080p image or video when coupled to an appropriate optical system.

  • Pimoroni Breakout Boards 

Pimoroni Breakout Boards add useful functions to microcontroller boards and single board computers, such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.

  • Molex HSAutoLink I Interconnect System 

The Molex HSAutoLink Interconnect System brings a proven, USCAR-30 compliant solution for point-to-point in-vehicle connections, complete with multiple keying options and full-length cable shielding for superior signal performance and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI).

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