Mouser Electronics is now stocking the ADF4371 and ADF4372 microwave wideband synthesisers from Analog Devices. The ADF4371 delivers one of the highest frequency synthesisers in the industry today, offering the widest continuous RF output range available — 62MHz to 32GHz — while the ADF4372 operates at 62MHz to 16GHz for designs that do not require the higher frequency. 

Analog Devices’ ADF4371 and ADF4372 microwave wideband synthesisers, available from Mouser Electronics, consist of a phase-locked loop (PLL) with fully integrated voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), low-dropout regulators (LDOs) and tracking filter technology. The devices feature a low jitter (36fs at 10GHz) and facilitates the implementation of high-resolution fractional-N or integer-N PLL frequency synthesisers, when used with an external loop filter and an external reference source. 

The compact, 7mm × 7mm synthesisers offer the bandwidth, smaller board space footprint, increased reliability, low noise and increased clocking range and flexibility to complement a wide range of RF applications, such as wireless infrastructure equipment (multicarrier global system for mobile communication (MC-GSM; 5G), test equipment and instrumentation, clock generation, and aerospace and defence-based designs. For development, the devices are supported by corresponding evaluation boards and an SDP-S Controller Board, also available from Mouser.

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