Mouser Electronics is now stocking the LMG1210, 200V half-bridge MOSFET and GaN FET driver from Texas Instruments (TI). Part of TI’s gallium nitride (GaN) power portfolio family, the LMG1210 enables higher efficiency, increased power density, and lower overall system size over traditional silicon-based alternatives, optimised specifically for speed-critical, power-conversion applications.

The TI LMG1210 is a 50-MHz half-bridge driver, featuring an ultra-fast propagation delay of 10ns, is faster than traditional silicon half-bridge drivers. The device also provides a low switch-node capacitance of 1 pF, with user-adjustable dead time control that helps improve efficiency, by allowing designers to optimise dead-time within their system.

The LMG1210 offers 3.4ns high-side–to–low-side delay matching, a minimum pulse width of 4ns, and an internal LDO that ensures a gate-drive voltage of 5V, regardless of supply voltage. The driver also includes a common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of more than 300V/ns, thus enabling high system-noise immunity.

TI’s LMG1210 driver is suited for a broad range of applications, including high-speed DC/DC converters, motor control, Class-D audio amplifiers, Class-E wireless charging, RF envelope tracking and other power-conversion applications.

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