Following its updates to its compliance specifications, eSync Alliance announces a new member, as part of its platform for the provision of over-the-air (OTA) data services for the connected car: Mobica, a global software services company. 

This platform seeks to deliver a secure bi-directional data pipeline, employed within a server-client-agent architecture, for end-to-end transfers between the cloud and electronic devices within vehicles. This is all performed OTA, with both software and firmware, collecting real-time operational data that ensures optimal connectivity and frequency. 

Derek Forcher, senior vice president of sales for North America at Mobica, says, “Mobica is an enabler – we work with leading global companies to deliver competitive advantage through technology. Joining the eSync Alliance will enable us to provide an eSync-compliant, best-of-breed OTA solution for our customers and partners, and to participate in the further development of a true industry-wide standard.” 

Rick Kreifeldt, Executive Director at the eSync Alliance, said, “Mobica is a valuable addition to the eSync Alliance, bringing strong automotive experience and outstanding expertise and innovation in software. Their participation brings into focus the true value of an open alliance, as Mobica is joining not just to be a user of eSync, but to develop and bring their own OTA solutions to market, based on eSync specifications.”