Freescale Semiconductor has developed a mini USB interface IC that helps mobile device designers and manufacturers create smaller, sleeker consumer products by enabling a single mini USB connector for external accessories including chargers, headsets, microphones and audio/data connections.

In addition to saving valuable board space by eliminating the need for multiple connections, the MC34825 analogue IC also lowers power consumption and extends battery life by supporting all-passive audio accessories such as stereo audio, microphone and cord remote control functionality.

Applications for the IC include smartbooks, netbooks, eBooks, mobile phones, smartphones, portable media players, portable navigation devices, digital still cameras and camcorders. The device uses intelligent switching to identify up to 32 different accessory types, such as headsets, microphones and chargers. It automatically identifies the attachment and informs the host system, switching the signal or setting the charge current based on the plugged-in charger.

As a universal charging solution, the IC supports multiple charger types including AC, DC and USB. it identifies the battery charger type and sets the charge current level accordingly. Additional battery charging features include up to 28V OVP for the VBUS power input and ultra low operating current (<10uA at standby).