MindMaze, a brain technology company, has teamed up with Renault F1 Team driver Daniel Ricciardo, operating as a global brand ambassador for the advancement of technology in the area of safety for motorsport. This partnership looks to hone in on the brain and monitor the driver performance, possibly resulting in an emergency medical response, should any serious injuries be sustained.

This is an area that MindMaze knows well, having been founded in 2012 to create digital therapies for neuro-restoration. More recently, the company has developed new, immersive digital therapies and brain chip technology for applications in sports, human performance, transport, security and healthcare.

A 29-year old driver with an accomplished career, Ricciardo sees the value in this collaboration: “The reality is that we are never too far away from danger in motorsports. With MindMaze’s monitoring technology, race teams and medics will be able to better understand driver conditions in real-time. It is also exciting to think that this technology can help track and optimise driver performance.”

Dr Tej Tadi, leading neuroscientist and founder of MindMaze, commented further: “We are delighted to have Daniel Ricciardo as one of our global ambassadors. At MindMaze, we have been enhancing the quality of life of of thousands of patients with various brain disorders and also helping athletes with monitoring movement”.

“With Daniel, we hope to accelerate our efforts on using advanced technology for driver safety and performance management. By tracking bio-signals, we will get a better insight into drivers and the race crew in real-time, plus give medical teams critical data on driver wellbeing in the event of a concussion or serious brain impact.”

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