Microchip Technology and Arrow have announced an engineering services collaboration to simplify connectivity and security across industrial, smart building and energy markets.

According to NIST, cybersecurity and privacy risks for IoT devices can be thought of in terms of three high-level risk mitigation goals, including protecting: device security, data security, and individuals’ privacy. Arrow will look to augment Microchip’s smart, connected, secure portfolio with engineering services: resultantly, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can decrease their time to market and meet requirements according to recent government legislation and NIST IoT security guidelines.

“Technology, pervasively, is embedded in everything. Every industry and every system is being fundamentally shaped by connected edge technology — it is happening in our homes, our work and our factories,” said Mitch Little, senior vice president of worldwide client engagement at Microchip Technology: “These intelligent edge systems are running fundamental and critical executions, and they must be secure.”

Microchip’s range of secure product features span secure root of trust, secured communication, crypto authentication, certificate management, cloud provisioning, data security, encryption services, secure boot and IP protection.

“OEMs are embracing engineering service collaboration so that they can augment internal work teams to tackle integration and reduce risk in areas of certification and compliance,” said David West, senior vice president at Arrow: “Edge devices, and compute applications and systems must now be secured from the sensory layer all the way to the enterprise.”

The first secure end-to-end platform resulting from this collaboration is the Shield96, pictured above. This platform enables OEMs to have the needed security foundation integrated into the reference design.For more information on the Shield96, click here