The connectors used on the railways are installed across challenging terrain and exposed to environmental extremes. Regardless of those challenges, the trains should run punctually, efficiently and safely. Therefore, the connectors used in the railway industry are required to meet the highest safety standards, to ensure that they perform consistently and withstand extreme temperature, humidity and other potential risks. 

Mencom offers a range of versatile interconnection solutions for the railway and mass transit industry. Shock, vibration and corrosion resistant, they are compliant with relevant railway standards and fire and smoke requirements, for uses in data and power transmission, passenger rolling stock equipment including brakes and controls, and signaling systems. Some examples of Mencom’s equipment includes their M12 circular and multipole rectangular connectors. 

The M12 connectors provide rugged, compact and sealed solutions for railway applications, with an IP67 rating and coded to Profibus, DeviceNet and Industrial Ethernet, among other keyway codings. Alternatively, the multipole rectangular connectors comprise of two parts: inserts and enclosure. The former, constructed from self-extinguishing thermoplastic resin, can be fitted for applications that require voltages ranging from 50V to 5000V and current from 5A to 200A.  The latter, with a variety of body and coating combinations, is tailored to withstand harsh environments that present threats such as high temperature and electromagnetism. Further protection comes in the form of special gaskets that seal and guard the contact groups inside the enclosures, against dust and other aggressive environmental agents. Again, suited to IP44, IP65, IP66 and, relatedly, IP67 ratings. 

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