The semiconductor manufacturer, Marvell, is looking to acquire Aquantia, a development corporation for Multi-Gigabyte Ethernet networking solutions, in a new move that looks to extend Marvell’s offerings in this area, particularly in relation to the automotive sector. 

This is particularly significant as the automotive industry, which has sought to implement Ethernet in-vehicle networks for the mainstream market, is projected to undergo a 62% annualised growth trajectory, a noteworthy increase that evinces an international interest in the versatile application of IoT. Marvell looks to capitalise on this estimation, through its latest deal. 

“Our acquisition of Aquantia will fuel Marvell’s leadership in the transformation of the in-car network to high-speed Ethernet over the next decade,” says Matt Murphy, president and CEO of Marvell: “At the same time, Aquantia extends our reach in the rapidly emerging Multi-Gig segment of network infrastructure and creates a leading end-to-end Ethernet connectivity portfolio.”

“Marvell and Aquantia share a vision where the network, whether in an autonomous vehicle, an enterprise application or in cloud infrastructure, can seamlessly power the data economy,” says Faraj Aalaei, chairman and CEO of Aquantia: “This is a fantastic opportunity as our customers will benefit from Marvell’s global scale and expanding footprint in Multi-Gig network applications.”

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