Power Integrations has announced new high-power-density members of its LYTSwitch-6  family of safety-isolated LED-driver ICs for smart-lighting applications. The new ICs with PowiGaN technology enable designs that deliver up to 110W with 94 per cent conversion efficiency using a simple, flexible flyback topology.  

The high efficiency of the new LYTSwitch-6 ICs eliminates the need for heatsinks – greatly reducing ballast size, weight and cooling airflow requirements. The 750V PowiGaN primary switches provide very low RDS(ON)and reduced switching losses. This improvement, combined with existing LYTSwitch-6 features, increases power conversion efficiency by up to 3 per cent, reducing wasted heat by more than one-third.

LYTSwitch-6 ICs with PowiGaN technology employ lossless current sensing, which contributes to the higher efficiency. The new family members retain existing LYTSwitch-6 benefits, such as fast transient response, which facilitates excellent cross regulation for parallel LED strings, without the need for additional regulator hardware, and flicker-free system operation. This allows for simple implementation of a pulse-width-modulation (PWM) dimming interface.

Hubie Notohamiprodjo, director of product marketing for LED lighting at Power Integrations, comments: “The new LYTSwitch-6 ICs with PowiGaN technology enable highly efficient designs up to 110W for smart residential and commercial fixtures and low-profile ceiling troffers. The high power density of LYTSwitch-6 designs enables reduced height and weight, which is vital for space-constrained and sealed ballast applications.”

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