ITT and its Cannon brand are providing technology to the defense industry through ruggedised, state-of-the-art connectors designed to seamlessly integrate into the fabric of wearable military applications, helping reduce the weight burden, improve comfort and mobility, and increase safety for the future soldier. 

It is critical that the future soldier be equipped with the most advanced, effective systems available. The ITT Cannon team developed the Nemesis Fabric Connector to be a ruggedised, low-profile and lightweight interconnect, to help reduce the cognitive burden of extra weight and maximise situational awareness for increased soldier survivability.

“ITT Cannon is committed to engineering solutions designed to protect the future soldier and power the most mission-critical technologies that are now a prerequisite for the future soldier,” said Tom Cruz, vice president and general manager, aerospace and defense with ITT’s Interconnect Solutions business. “Our Cannon Nemesis Fabric Connector provides a solution for wearable military applications, such as the smart vest, to create a mobile and optimally prepared future soldier.”

With reliable technology that removes cable snagging and precludes the need for dust caps, the ITT Cannon Nemesis Fabric Connector supports soldiers as they endure the most extreme and harsh conditions while keeping them constantly connected to their central communications hub.   

“As technology advances, so must the soldier’s equipment.  ITT Cannon is keeping an eye on the future and working to ensure connectors are also evolving and maturing with the latest technology,” said Wes Morgan, director of product management for ITT’s Interconnect Solutions business. “ITT Cannon’s Nemesis Fabric Connector is designed to be integrated into the fabric of a smart vest, where most of a soldier’s network is housed, further reducing weight and the complexities of current military vests.”

When integrated into a soldier’s smart vest, the ITT Cannon Nemesis Fabric Connector can offer:

  • System configuration to the soldier’s requirement
  • Port redundancy if the vest is penetrated or damaged
  • Configured cable plugs for break-away and rip-away de-mating actions
  • Adaptable design for future proofing

The ITT Cannon Nemesis Fabric Connector is also designed to be used in other applications for first responder and emergency services. ITT’s exhibit at Soldier Technology 2014 will take place Oct. 15th – 17th at the Corinthia Hotel in Prague.