LEMO (UK) will be launching an exciting array of innovative new interconnect products and technologies that provide solutions to a wide range of problems within many application areas, enabling the manufacturing and electronics industry to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

These new developments include a new Cadmium-free “NiCorAl” surface treatment that offers a true alternative to cadmium without compromising corrosion resistance, electrical performance or durability and is horizon compliant with RoHS2 and REACh 2017.

To be displayed is a new “Halo LED” technology that’s behind a range of “intelligent” connectors enabling end users to monitor or control the interface connection. Additionally, a new “2S” range of rotatable multi-way concentric connectors which is specifically designed for down-hole drilling applications where a series of cylindrical units are required to be screwed together, will be highlighted.

 Also to be shown, is a new hard wearing anodised colour option on the ruggedized motor sport M-series of connectors that enables users to colour coordinate system designs for functional or aesthetic reasons.