LEMO’s new addition to the lightweight REDEL plastic Push-Pull connector series, the SP, has the patented internal push-pull latching system embedded in the shell offering increased durability and very high contact density. 

Constructed with proprietary sulfone the REDEL SP connector can withstand extensive sterilisation cycles, is available with multiple contact configurations and in a variety of colours giving instant visual identification avoiding cross mating.  An ergonomic grip incorporated in the shell design aides surgeons and medical staff to mate and align the connections making the LEMO REDEL SP connectors an ideal solution for medical or measurement applications. 

The BioCompatic® cable is a durable approved alternative to a silicone-jacket cable, manufactured from robust materials and suited for life science applications.  Unlike traditional silicone cables, Northwire’s innovative solutions are available with much reduced lead times.  While BioCompatic retains the advantages of traditional silicone jacketing such as biocompatibility and sterilization resistance, it is not limited to medical usage. The material’s unique features lends it to a diverse range of extreme engineering applications These cables are multicore with AWG 36 – 2, minimum 2 cores and are also available as custom cables, retractiles, and assemblies. 

The BioCompatic® cable is ideally suited for use with the lightweight & resilient REDEL® series of medical connectors. For further information visit us on Stand 52, contact us at www.lemo.com 01903 234543.