Austriamicrosystems has announced two new LED driver ICs that deliver bright and brilliant video images for next-generation TVs. The AS3695A ICs enhance TV pictures and 3D effects and are a 16-channel white LED driver for direct lighting. Whilst the AS3695C is a 16-channel white LED controller for edge lighting.

Delivering driver accuracy of +/-0.5% the devices support exact brightness and colour matching and channel-to-channel current matching of +/-0.2%, resulting in high lighting contrast ratios for good picture quality and 3D effects. In addition, the devices include novel power feedback regulation for controlling external power supplies for high system efficiency and reduced power in LED backlit LCD TVs.

The ICs are programmable via a SPI (serial peripheral interface) port and provide built-in safety features, including thermal shutdown and open and short LED detection. Other features include ­linear current setting using a 10-bit DAC, output slew rate programmability, ­

H-Sync and V-Sync inputs to synchronise with a TV, direct PWM mode, undervoltage auto-turnoff, overvoltage auto-turnoff, temperature shutdown and fault interrupt output.

Samples are available now and a demo board is available to help evaluate the AS3695A / AS3695C.