Lattice Semiconductor has revealed an expansion of its sensAI solutions stack. Defining it, sensAI helps OEMs develop AI and ML experiences for next-generation smart devices with power consumption measured in milliwatts. The performance enhancements include support for more compact/efficient neural network models and deeper quantisation support to accommodate larger models, for processing higher resolution and/or faster frames-per-second images in vision applications, delivering more accurate Edge AI performance. It’s intended to ease with the creation of popular AI experiences, such as key phrase detection and human face recognition. 

“MCUs struggle to deliver the performance needed for edge AI, while still maintaining strict power budgets. But thanks to their small size, support for parallel processing and sensor-agnostic AI inferencing, Lattice FPGAs are a compelling platform for any number of Edge AI applications requiring low power operation,” said Hussein Osman, market segment manager, Lattice Semiconductor: “Running our enhanced sensAI solutions stack on Lattice’s iCE40 UltraPlus and ECP5 FPGAs makes it easier than ever to add high performance Edge AI applications to new and existing product designs.”

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